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Book Reviews
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Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six
by Lisa Unger

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Giving “Cape Fear” vibes, privilege isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. When a family rents a luxury cabin in the woods, they have no idea what’s in store for them. Is someone watching them? Is the cabin’s dark history prophetic? Does the protagonist, Hannah, really know her family like she thinks she does? With plenty of red herrings & plot twists, three stories converge to take you on a roller coaster ride of deception & lies.

How To Be A Math Genius
by Dr. Mike Goldsmith

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Fun fact literacy! I love it ! I try to read it and refreshing my brain by killing the time!

In The Lives Of Puppets
by TJ Klune

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A human and two robots must journey across a treacherous terrain to save the other robot, Gio, who completes their family. Gio's past has caught up to him and may prove to be his destruction. Not the story I expected but whoa was that a ride. Truly a unique and interesting retelling.

The House Across The Lake
by Riley Sager

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3/5 stars for this highly recommended novel. Although the plot, characters and style of writing kept me engaged, I was disappointed with the ending a bit. It seemed a bit outside of reality and a stretch to make the pieces fit together. However, for those who have wild imaginations, you may enjoy this thriller. The book takes place at Lake Greene, where Casey spends her days on the porch watching, as the title suggests, the cabin across the lake. Questions brew the longer she looks and she cannot help but get involved in the drama. However, this leads to crime, blood, scary situations and the fight for life.

The Other Mothers
by Katherine Faulkner

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This book was an enjoyable read. It falls into the troupe of rich English mom group drama thrillers. A new mom, Tash, is welcomed into the fold of a group of rich and wealthy mothers, but when a second young woman is found dead, Tash looks closer at her new group of friends. I really enjoy these types of books, and I’d recommend them for a good beach or vacation read.

The Lost Bookshop
by Evie Woods

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For too long, Opaline, Martha, and Henry have been the side characters in their own lives. But when a vanishing bookshop casts its spell, these three unsuspecting strangers will discover that their own stories are every bit as extraordinary as the ones found in the pages of their beloved books. And by unlocking the secrets of the shelves, they find themselves transported to a world of wonder… where nothing is as it seems. This book is an interesting read, the plot had potential to be a good story but there were some downfalls in the writing. The book follows along with three characters and two timelines. The characters are not fully formed and timelines don’t make a lot of sense. I enjoyed reading this but I don’t know I would recommend to anyone else to read.

by Neal Shusterman

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This book wasn't what I was expecting at all. I've been recommend this book by two friends so I finally picked it up. The world Shusterman created here was fascinating to learn about, if not ominous. This book takes place in a futuristic world where humanity has conquered death and humans are immortal. With nanites in their blood, they feel no pain and heal exponentially fast. A sort of AI-adjacent entity known as the Thunderhead controls all law and knows everything. To combat overpopulation, special individuals known as Scythes are tasked with "gleaning" a set amount of people each year. Scythes are bound by no law and can choose to kill anyone and anyway theyd like. This book really makes you question morality, empathy, and what makes us human. Seeing the different Scythes and their methods of gleaning and their own philosophies were interesting. I enjoyed the two main characters and their journeys through this book- but it definitely took some time for me to warm up to them. I also wasn't the biggest fan of the romance since it felt like it came out of nowhere. Regardless, this is definitely one of the most thought-provoking YA novels I've read. I'm going to be thinking about this book for a while and will definitely check out the rest of the series.

The House On Mango Street
by Sandra Cisneros

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Told in a series of vignettes—sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes deeply joyous–it is the story of a young Latina girl growing up in Chicago, inventing for herself who and what she will become. It wasn’t my favorite read, but I was looking for a quick short story to read.

Perfume And Pain
by Anna Dorn

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Perfume and Pain is a semi-autofictional novel by Anna Dorn that follows a writer struggling to find purpose post-publication of her latest novel. While dealing with the fallout of being slightly canceled on literary Twitter, she gets entangled in some messy romantic endeavors and tries to contend with her substance abuse issues, all while trying to find her stride with writing again. Reading this book felt like being on a rollercoaster, and I enjoyed the controlled anxiety of it all. Anna Dorn is so smart, and so great at writing observational humor that feels very of-the-moment. I was really impressed by the way she balanced that with some high brow conversations about academia and the work of other famous writers like Patricia Highsmith, Donna Tartt, and Bret Easton Ellis. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun (albeit stressful) beach read, or anyone who enjoyed the shows Love (on Netflix, starring Gillian Jacobs) and Bojack Horseman.

The Woman In Cabin 10
by Ruth Ware

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Wow! I didn’t want to put this one down. This book centers around Lo, a reporter who goes on a cruise in order to capture the magnificent maiden voyage of “Aurora.” However, this luxury journey ends up being a nightmare as murder, lies, deception, hurt, and loneliness surround Lo and grow increasingly intense. This book had me guessing until the end, with a surprising ending. Highly recommend to any fellow mystery lovers!