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Book Reviews
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The Summer Of June
by Jamie Sumner

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This book is about a girl named June Delancey. June has anxiety, which makes it difficult for her to do things. She also has a habit of pulling out her hair, so she shaved her head. Her mom works at the library, and since her mom is a single mom, June goes there too. She meets a kid named Homer and an old man named Lucas. Together, they make a garden that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately for June, the head librarian, Mrs. Tandy, will not tolerate it. After some time in court, June wins and gets to keep the garden. The garden also has a plaque with June’s name to honor her. I liked this book because it shows what people with anxiety may be dealing with, and why you can’t judge someone by looking at them,

S'more Than Meets The Eye! (nugget And Dog)
by Jason Tharp

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My favorite part was when Dijon tried to prank the other campers by sending Crouton to dress up as the mean, green creature but Crouton slipped and revealed that it was just a prank.

Frank Einstein And The Brainturbo (Frank Einstein Series #3)
by Jon Scieszka

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My favorite part of this book was when Frank Einstein used Watsons hotdog tinfoil wrapped to block the mind control from the brainturbo.

The Last Midwife
by Sandra Dallas

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I really loved this book. I love historical novels and this book also details the dedication to women that all providers of care to pregnant women and newborn babies. I would not wanted to have given birth in the 1880's. and women in general were treated very poorly. Great story!

Honey Roasted
by Cleo Coyle

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Cozy mystery with usual romance. Kept me guessing who the murderer was. Just when I thought I figured it out a new twist was presented. Enjoyed learning about bees as they are just fascinating creatures. Bonus is the recipes for both entrees and desserts.

The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place: Book I
by Maryrose Wood

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The Mysterious Howling was a great book. I loved it! It was about a girl named Penelope who was hired to be a governess for children raised by wolves. She has to teach when polite manners fast, before the big holiday ball.

Best Served Hot
by Amanda Elliot

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By day, Julie Zimmerman works as an executive assistant. After hours, she’s @JulieZeeEatsNYC, a social media restaurant reviewer with over fifty thousand followers. As much as she loves her self-employed side gig, what Julie really wants is to be a critic at a major newspaper, like the New York Scroll. The only thing worse than the Scroll’s rejection of her application is the fact that smarmy, social-media-averse society boy Bennett Richard Macalester Wright snagged her dream job. Fun and cute but also full of miscommunication so if you don't like that trope you will not like this book. The descriptions of food made me hungry and also wish I lived in a big city with this many fun local options. Some characters were too over the top or reformed too quickly for me personally but for an escapist tale, it works.

Berenstain Bears new kitten
by Stan And Jan Berenstain

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I liked this book I have 2 cats and the kitten is really cute.

Part Of Your World
by Abby Jimenez

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Part of Your World is a contemporary romance about a big city doctor falling for a small town carpenter/B&B owner. I loved this so much. I’m a sucker for taking a posh city girl out of the city and have her fall in love with a small town and small town guy. The main characters were so loveable yet realistically flawed. I loved the bits of magical realism in there which is what pushes it to the 5* for me.

Charlie Thorne And The Lost City
by Stuart Gibbs

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My favorite part of this book was when Esmerelda double crossed Charlie Thorne. Later in the explosion of the plane her two brothers died and her face got burned which was sad.