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Book Reviews
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All-of-a-kind Family
by Sydney Taylor

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We all enjoyed these stories the author wrote about her family with 5 girls growing up in the early 1900s. The girls all love going to the library to get out books and see their friend "The Library Lady." One time one of the girls got lost and she was lucky because a policeman helped her and gave her lots of sweets and ice cream. We loved all the different characters and stories in this book. We can't wait to read the next book in the series!

by Robert bilott

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Having an interest in environmental concerns I was certainly drawn to this book and what it represents. In having clean water is a right on this country but big Business went too far In this situation. It is not right. To take advantage of people anywhere and certainly not in an poor area of the US. And this polluting of our water systems continues today.

A Perfectly Messed Up Story
by Patrick Mcdonnell

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My favorite part is there is peanut butter and someone says "who would be eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while reading my book?" and it looks like there is peanut butter and jelly on the page but it's only pretend. We shouldn't really get peanut butter and jelly in books. They were just being silly.

The Lincoln's Dressmaker
by Jennifer Chiaverini

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Very interesting story about Elizabeth Keckley. She was a slave and bought her freedom and became the dressmaker for Mrs. Lincoln. The middle of the book dealt a lot about the Civil war of course but the personal information about what effected people at that time frame was very interesting. I enjoy historical novels and I would highly recommend it.

Queen of Halloween
by Mary Engelbreit

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This book is about a girl named Ann Estelle who goes trick or treating as a fairy queen. Being a fairy queen makes her brave and not afraid of everyones costumes. I didnt really like this book it didnt interest me. I would recommend it to others if they like halloween, dressing up or fairy queens.

The Berenstain Bears Ride The Thunderbolt
by Stan And Jan Berenstain

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The Berenstain bears go to a theme park and ride the thunderbolt as a family. Papa ends up getting sick because they keep going on.

Carillon back to school
by Marion Johnson

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Good book

Forever: Ad Olam
by Shay Agnon

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This is my book with a yellow cover. It is a long short story or a novella. It can be taken as allegory, and the translator (who translated from the Hebrew) explains the ins and outs of Hebrew translation. It is basically about a scholar in an ivory tower who encounters a nurse who lures him out and basically alters his perspective. I took much of what is written about the town's name and how the translator translated Hebrew vowels to refer to the Jews: Biblically, historically, and regarding our faith in Ha Shem or G-d. However, this is not an easy read: However, I would love to hear it read in Hebrew.

You Got A Rock Charlie Brown
by Charles M Schulz

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This book is about Charlie Brown receiving nothing but rocks as everyone goes trick or treating together. I really loved this book because Charlie Brown's costume was funny. He was supposed to cut two holes for eyes to be a ghost but he cut too many holes. I would recommend this book to my friend if they like halloween, trick or treating and funny costumes.

The Island Of Sea Women By Lisa See
by Lisa see

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It was an immersive reading experience. The reader can be intimately connected with the characters through their life experiences.