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Book Reviews
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by Deborah Copaken

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This memoir tells of the author’s path through divorce, job loss, financial ruin, and a health crisis. The author explores these events through her stories of persistent sexism that she has encountered. I would highly recommend this book.

The Fifth Avenue Apartment
by Pamela M. Kelley

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Sophie inherits the aforementioned apartment when her beloved aunt passes. She has always longed to live in NYC, but lacked the financial resources to make the leap. At a career crossroads, she is introduced to the world of real estate through a temp position, and finds herself intrigued. Sophie makes friends and begins a romance with a handsome neighbor and finds her calling as a realtor. Kelley's books are literary comfort food - not much happens, very little tension or intrigue - Kelley's books are literary comfort food - not much happens, very little tension or intrigue - just nice people living their lives. - even the villians aren't especially mean. There are just nice people living their lives, and sometimes that all you want in a novel.

To Catch A Coronet
by Grace Hitchcock

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I think I may have found a new favorite historical romance author! If you like witty banter, Jane Austen era romances and political intrigue and action then you have to read To Catch a Coronet. I immediately fell in love with the characters. The hero of the story? Probably one of my new favorite heroes. This book had everything I love in a fantastic historical romance book. I was smiling so much while reading it, and I even hugged the book (which doesn't happen very often.) I also stayed up until almost 2am binge reading the rest of the book. Grace Hitchcock, if all of your books are this enjoyable then you have a new fan for life! 6? *"I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.”

The Foxhole Victory Tour
by Amy Lynn Green

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Amy Lynn Green always comes out with an unique look at a wartime era! I couldn't put this book down! The author did an amazing job with the USO story telling and the era and setting. I loved how each character was completely different, yet they found a common ground and bond through entertainment. Both Catherine and Maggie had my heart from the beginning. I wanted to see where the stories were going and how they would end. I loved the small touches of romance, but wasn't the main part of the story. All of the cast and crew had me turning every page, wondering what would happen next to the troupe. If your tired of ww2 fiction, try one more and pick up this book. You won't be sorry. *thank you to NetGalley, Baker Publishing and Bethany House for a copy of this book to read and review. All thoughts are my own.

Frost Burned
by Patricia Briggs

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Another Mercy Thompson Series- I really enjoyed this book. It walks through the bond between Mercy and Adam as they go through one of their toughest times together; the pack including Adam is kidnapped. The werewolf pack is in serious danger and Mercy might be the only one who can connect the pieces together before it's too late. This might be my favorite book of the series so far (besides book 1 of course)

Everything You Need to Know About AIDS
by Barbara Taylor

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It is very educational for beginners

Green Dot
by Madeleine Gray

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A long novel that really should have been a short story about a 24 year old woman (Hera, art history major, content moderator, living in Sydney, Australia) who turns getting a married man (Arthur, in his 40s, British, journalist at the paper Hera works at) to leave his wife for her like a marker that she's finally become an adult. The point of this book is how much of Hera’s life and ability to be a good human and maintain the actual meaningful relationships in her life are getting shafted by her affair with the most boring man on the planet, and that adulthood is a sham. The result is the literary equivalent of the show you watch that’s meant to be watched when you’re scrolling on your phone. There’s some interesting stuff and character happening in the margins. None of it is explored because even the presence of best friends is all about Hera and her affair (because I think this book is also about how being delusional about this affair makes Hera a very bad friend and daughter and dog mom…) but still makes for a very long trudge of a reading experience because eventually you realize 50% of the book is just Hera talking about Arthur and why she can’t have a life without him even when he’s being the most boring, milquetoast man on the planet. This is worsened by the dissonance between this novel taking place in the present political world (in the timeline of pre to early pandemic, time passing) and this narrator acting in implicit expectation that the way the world works is fundamentally never going to change and that politics/the wider polis as a whole is at most set dressing. Not a single thing has material consequences and barely the promises of them. Not even COVID?? The author acts like COVID was barely a thing in Australia (which maybe it was treated that way for real) but the way COVID gets rhetorically shunted off to England (spatial fix but against England for once??) is so jarring. Also, it really just feels like Hera is dating Arthur because she’s desperately afraid of boredom and existential malaise and bought into a promise of what life is supposed to feel like vs identifying the sad reality that you give your life meaning (in the shape of social expectations or in explicit refusal thereof) because the world won’t. (“They say that habit is the great deadener, but they also don’t tell you that habit is all there is.”) The other frustrating part is that Hera’s voice is trying to be edgy, does at least know she’s actually just being a jerk but also can’t seem to stop…which is fine but also very frustrating. It screws up her corporate experience and by extension our corporate experience as readers (corporate is always easier when everyone plays along, and sometimes when you believe it.) It’s all a social performance, maybe even a minor social good, if we all have to suck it up anyway. Hera does not know how to do this except in relation to wanting so badly to be wanted, except that her attempts to be wanted always manifest as her being a massive jerk. I get it, and then the desensitized content moderation voice that showed up in this novel spat in my face (a mention of Gaza dropped as if just to be relevant??) and then I did not get it anymore. Also all of Hera’s tangents…not great writing for a character to be that self absorbed (as a character that feels fake and intended more to be a character study than a human + that shows the hand of the author in how little the world is designed to change in the mind of this young woman) but it was at least funny for the first half? And then it just stopped being funny… TLDR: on the terms this book is trying to operate on, it survives. It succeeds. But the terms are not good. I kept listening just to finish, and then to just hear how badly it would implode at the end.

The Inmate
by Freida McFadden

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A prison nurse finds herself in a sticky situation when she realizes one of the most notorious mass murder inmates is her high school sweetheart. This is one of the best books of Freida McFadden I have read yet!! The suspense and the twists are amazing, once you think you have figured it out some new information comes out to keep you guessing! Great book and would totally recommend!!

Home Is Where the Bodies Are
by Jeneva Rose

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This book everything you would want in a thriller…and more! I could not put this book down, finishing it in under 24 hours! This story switches perspectives between three adult children who come home to help take care of affairs after the passing of their mother. However, they quickly realize that they have more to take care of than originally intended as secrets are revealed along with deception and lies. Highly recommended novel!

I Want To Be A Wall, Vol. 1
by Honami Shirono

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I re-read this book because the third and final book of the series came out finally. It's about a man and woman who get married to appease their families and to hide that the male protagonist is gay and the female protagonist is asexual. I love how hard they are trying to make the marriage work as friends. The LGBTQ+ representation is well done and the art is so fun.