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Book Reviews
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A Perfectly Messed Up Story
by Patrick Mcdonnell

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My favorite part is there is peanut butter and someone says "who would be eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while reading my book?" and it looks like there is peanut butter and jelly on the page but it's only pretend. We shouldn't really get peanut butter and jelly in books. They were just being silly.

Wild At Home How To Style And Care For Beautiful Plants
by Hilton Carter

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A unique approach to how to care for and display houseplants. The enthusiasm of the contributors is admirable.

The Shade Of The Moon
by Susan Pfeffer

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I loved this! It was the last book of the series and it left off on a cliffhanger. :( But its like I get to decide the fate!

P Is For Pterodactyl The Worst Alphabet Book Ever
by Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter

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"The worst alphabet book ever" Younger kids like the story and older kids and parents are amused while reading an entire book based on highlighting words beginning with silent letters like "p is for pterodactyl" "w is for wren" "c is for czar" and "t is for tsunami" Entertaining for all!

The Girl With All The Gifts
by M. R. Carey

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Melanie has lived her whole life in a cell and a classroom. Little does she know this wasn't the norm for children. The research center she is at is breached and Melanie and the survivors are forced to flee. This is when Melanie discovers nothing she's learned matters in this new post-apocalyptic world.

10 True Tales World War II Heroes
by Allan Zullo

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Cool book about 10 WWII Commanders and solders that helped us by fighting for our freedom. Their tales are not forgotten in this book!

Sign Says Stop!
by Alastair Heim

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This book is about a toad trying to cross the road. The toad tries to cross the road but he misses the sign every time because he’s too busy deciding what to do when he gets to the other side. I like this book because it has a toad in it and toads and frogs are my favorite animals.

All-of-a-kind Family Downtown
by Sydney Taylor

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We love all the All-of-a-Kind Family books. They are quickly becoming our favorite read alouds for the family. The all-of-a-kind family has five girls and an little baby boy. They are all nice girls but sometimes they get into mischief, like when Henny ran away, or when Henny cut her stocking to look like she was poor so she could get a doll for Christmas (then she felt guilty and she gave the doll away to someone who really was poor), or when Charlotte thought the coal in the stove were like shiny jewels and accidentally burned a hole in her apron. They become friends with a poor boy named Guido whose mother is very sick. They stand up for him when someone catches him because they thought he stole food. It was really some other boys who did that. Henny knew Guido was too honest to steal.

Pippi Goes On Board
by Astrid Lindgren

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Pippi is a really fun girl with lots of fun ideas. I love all the stories about her.

Beasts Of Extraordinary Circumstance
by Ruth Emmie Lang

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Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances is a book that follows the life of Weylen Grey through the eyes of the people he impacted. This book was one of my top reads; it was purely magical.