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Hi Fly Guy
by Tedd Arnold

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Fly Guy made a good pet. He flew in cool patterns and because he is cool. He also knew Buzz's name.

by MC Steve

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This book is about a Zombie that has a baby villager that is going home with the zombie to the baby villagers home. I liked the book because it was funny and entertaining. i would reccomend this to other people because it is for all ages.

My family, my two dads
by Claudia Harrington

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Today I read the book: "My family, my two dads" by Claudia Harrington. A boy named Lenny does a school report about the student of the week, Jasmine or Jazz. He asks her questions of her family and herself. He takes a lot of pictures too. She says her house is next to a barn and she has a horse named Doodles. I like the book because it talks about families that books don't usually mention at all. I would recommend the book because it's nice to see different kinds of families.

High Time For Heroes
by Mary Pope Osborne

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I’ve read a book named High Time For Heroes. In the story, Jack and Annie have to go to Egypt to find a doctor named Florence Nightingale.

by Raven Leilani

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This story is a glimpse into the life of Edie, an artist intertwined in a relationship with Eric, a man in an open marriage. After losing her job, Edie is evicted from her apartment and ends up living with Eric, his wife Rebecca, and their adopted daughter Akila. Edie slowly befriends Rebecca and becomes a role model to Akila. The story explores Edie’s inner thoughts as she navigates relationships and tries to begin her career as an artist. The author’s writing is okay but has the potential to be even better. It felt like there was an overuse of metaphors in some areas and the characters felt a bit stagnant at times. However, this is definitely an author to watch, as I can definitely see her next novel being even better. The plot itself is good as well, and for that reason, I would recommend this book.

If You Give A Dog A Donut
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I like the book how it repeats, the dog starts with donuts and apple juice and ends with donuts and apple juice.

by Barbara O'connor

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I love this book because it's a great story very interesting characters also loving animals and good setting. I would definitely read it again.

Promise Not To Tell
by Jayne Ann Krentz

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Second in a trilogy. Virginia and Cabot, both cult survivors, must investigate a current murder? Suicide? While dealing with memories and events from their horrific past.

American Gods
by Neil Gaiman

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One of the best books I've read in a long time. It gives an interesting look at the Native Americans, immigrants, and slaves' experience coming to America and carrying over their unique beliefs and how they morphed in the soil of America. As an outsider to American culture, Gaiman gives a unique view of American culture and identity. 5 Stars.

Once And Future
by Amy Rose Capetta

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A young adult sci-if King Arthur retelling. For me, it was just okay, I loved the rep and characters in general, but I’m finding I’m not a big retelling person. I would recommend it to anyone who is, though!

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